Thursday, 8 December 2011

Its nothing!

Its just in me that I found
I wasted my time searching it around
When world was within, I cried all in vain
When only in me were the clouds that rained

The somber and soothing is the passion that is real
What churns to hell is not the right kind
I close my eyes and open inside, I try on nothing I get it all
I wasted those times when I fought for my rights

But each time wasted was my journey to elite
But each time I remember is all for now gone
What I have is nothing What I lost again is nothing
What I seek will be nothing... Oh real is this nothing

The ocean of calmness holds multitude tides
The rivers fall in and tore it apart
Every thing comes and is lost one for all
I cry not, I do no scream,I smile and say only one thing..
Oh this is nothing! Oh its nothing!

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