Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Objective reality

Life is so full of different spectrum's, and like the uncertainty principle life in itself is so uncertain. The things about which we are sure may not happen and the things about which we have doubts happen at once. Hmm I laugh, I chuckle when the petal of life unfolds this way.

Life teaches everyone of us, a new day is a new chapter and each night is the time we should contemplate, but how often we do makes us wiser the next day. In everyday thinking that is based on only basic requirements and some added luxuries, we find that everything will come to halt one day, and there are some moments when none of it matters. Some moment when our heart is pounding, thumping making us uncontrolled to spur out the feelings suppressed from long......... let go.. its easy.. it relaxing. And that is where writing comes for me, I spur my words out, weave them through alphabets only 26 but my words great more and my feeling insurmountable.

It is well said that feelings can never be expressed fully. Take all the languages of the world put them together still words are so scarce to replace the feelings. We may change words, we may manipulate with the meaning but the feel - with word, with wrong word or without any word, remains same.. vast and deep at the same time.

It is not only the words that fall short in expressing feelings in fullness but our own way to feel our own feelings too needs a lot of practice. We often, never understand our feelings fully and give way to confusions, and the whole objective of thought-waves that arise and make us feel fails when we do not understand the hidden message. Quite often we live in subjective details, the outer view, the shape of things, but fall short in getting under the skin of the matter- the objective reality.
As we live each day, and unfold petals of life we come closer to the objective reality, we learn by feeling our feelings that is the only way out, that is the only way in.

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