Saturday, 31 December 2011

Story of a bird...........

Once upon a time there was a bird
She had new wings and was full of delight
seeing new colors each day she made each day
a very new flight
She saw new horizons and she weaved new dreams
she was busy in her busy schemes
she loved the world for the sake of love
she was hopeful for she was herself a hope
she knew all happiness and wiped away sadness like speck on her coat
never ever felt sad for she knew happiness is to create
and so she was busy busy in her traits

She did what she want, she spoke how she liked
she made friends with whom she is comfortable
and simply moved away from what she felt is not nice
she always saw the brighter side and brighter shine
she never saw the darker sides
she was happy in her own imagination
in her weaved dreams she kept all things set and fine
Thus she went on smiling and laughing, fighting, crying, and forgetting
till one day she understood that its not all that she creates
and then she forgot to flap her wings
the tears in her eyes made her wings wet and heavy
could not understand what is happening and why it is
in controlling things she lost control
she was optimistic but life played another role

Dreams and desires, the innocent wants
thats not what you always find
life is like a coin, you flip and both sides are at equal chance
but good or bad, nice or wrong
you have to dance each time life plays its song
the dance will be wonderful if you give your all
life will be blessing, you always stay in your mind
dont forget to fly, wings will one day get dry
dont forget to open your wings, life is a up-down swing
Love with pride, hate none but your own pride..............
And then flap your wings and take this whole world is your ride..........

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