Saturday, 21 May 2011

I am Dangerous!!!!!!

"I think therfore I am dangerous"- I read this quote written on one picture. It made me to tickle my brain a little and think over the dangerous thinking job.

So, if I think or you think why it is dangerous at all? Have anybody thought or pondered that it could be this way? And if really it is then to think about thinking is rather more dangerous. But as you know, I am a brave girl and now dangerous too for I think a lot, so I am taking the risk to be more dangerous and think about this preposition.

Now, how can you define thinking? Is it some kind of action potential generated in neurons by the outside stimulus; as in my case it is this picture with this quote. Similarly many people can be triggered to process of thinking by various means. Now it can be like that stimulus cause some change in the potential of the neurons and this causes neural circuits to start connecting, reconnecting and thus giving a kind of arranged and in some cases dearranged information to start forming in mind. Now our neural circuitry is based on past learnt things from our past experiences. But even people with similar experiences think and behave differently. That is the beauty of the neural circuitry, it is distinct and different for every individual. Given a same situation every one has a different view even though they are brought up in same circumstances. Now, why is this difference, for if training is same then it should pour out same results. But you know, mind is greater than we can perceive that is why it is incomprehensible. That is why it is said that every human being is unique in his own way, now let me stress upon this statement little more. Man is not only different genetically or phenotypically but also the way an individual thinks and solve their daily problems.
If like gene and protein mapping there is some program to match the thinking process we will never find 100% score.
Oh! it appears I am drifting away from my topic. Let me come back - hmm thinking is a dangerous job. Now why thinking is dangerous again? Because when we think then we express and when we express we stand aloof form others. We create a kind of scuffle because we all think different and hence act different. And being different is dangerous, because that is when you are misunderstood, that is when you are are less taken for granted and sometimes taken so much granted for. Its funny but no more funnier....hahaha it is dangerous!!!!!

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