Sunday, 29 May 2011

Garden of Time!!

I happened to visit garden of time,
I came to know its all mine,
I wish to make it large,
I toiled every day every hour!

I put beautiful vases,
Red, pink, yellow roses,
I even built bandstand,
To gaze at garden hand in hand!

And bridge of flowers across,
I put a pond with swans,
The time did pass by,
I lost myself in its charm!

I went to the world all around,
Bought antiques of all kind,
Placed them side by side,
Even decorated a jolly ride!

The chirping birds on my water bath,
Standing tall the tower of light,
I said now its all done,
But where is the last strand!

I had new ideas now and then,
This one and it would be fun,
Its enough I said inside,
But my mind kept me working tight!

The beauty captivated my soul,
Happiness and laughters I had all,
Captive in Garden of space and time,
I am lost in creation of my own!!!!

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