Monday, 18 April 2011

Decision making and Genesis !!!

It is paradox! Life in itself is a paradox and there are many things that we do are made up of paradoxes. I read an article where the author was discussing the beginning of logic. According to her everything has a logic, and it is everywhere. Right from childhood we understand by logic what to do and what not to do. Then she spoke about the robotics and artificial intelligence. She said that we not only want machines but thinking machines, emotional machines. And was quite brilliant to raise a beautiful question, we want machines to be emotional but we wish that human beings are less emotional in their everyday dealings, everyday jobs. What a paradox this is? This made me to think further and probe the question little more.

We are not satisfied by the machines that take our orders only. We wish with help of neural networks and artificial intelligence our machines should work and make decisions like humans do. We wish to create our replicas in thinking process. But sometimes we ourselves are so doubtful of our own prejudices, and here same thing we are incepting in the machines. This is one side, now let's look at this- the process of decision making is very crucial and in this process when we are doubtful we take the help of our peers, our seniors, our teachers, parents and so and so, even then the whole process even after the solution is like a gamble. Now I don't want to stress upon the final outcome here but the process of decision making and arriving. When we decide, alone or in company, we have many points, with and against, we give more weightage to some and we give less weightage to others and hence we arrive at some solution and implement it. Now based on our analysis we calculate, the moral, emotional, rational and logical facts. No decision is ever pure logical or pure emotional it is concoction of both.

Now let's say our decision imparted good results. Next time we weigh these factors more while taking decisions for same problem. And say next time, the problem is same and factors same but now this time our decision completely failed so now where we lagged. Next time we understood that this did not work so lets think diffrently. Now this goes on again and again sometimes success and sometimes failure, sometimes plans work, sometimes plans do not work. But even doing the same things from years and years, and even repeating the whole history as we all are doing, we cannot comprehend the true concept of decision making. And the same thing we are infesting in our gadgets. They are smart when they are told to do what they have to do, quite reproducible, consistent until or unless there is some problem in their hardware or software but when they have to weigh emotional and logical quotients like humans. When they will be left to decide, what the results might be, hmm its quite interesting to know. This made me wonder if we are also creation of something then we are also under scrutiny of our creator..................and this reminded me of one line in bible..." So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them"


mohan said...

Good Evening Vishawjyoti,
First your conclusion of God, Personally I do not accept. After studying science, we know human is simply an evolution of natural processes. No one can tell this better than a bioscincetist.

I do beleive the criticality of decision making. However, for correct decision one has to decide for all courses of action available, and decide accordingly.

Poor planning always produces poor output. Complacency always bring downfall. Drinking will always be bad even if whole society starts drinking. Smoking is always bad for health.

Truth always bring peace of mind,and takes you to the right course of action.

jyoti said...

Thankyou Sir for your comments. But I have not concluded anything about God... I only said if....... this is so....