Sunday, 27 February 2011

Somewhere in my mind

Infinity.... How you can be defined? One which cannot have limits, one which cannot be finite?

And so are waves in the ocean. And so the thoughts we think all the time. And so are the little desires that never lose fire.

You say sun don't fall you say neither earth.... you say its gravity...the answer of all.

But where the sun will stay and where the planets will fall, in which direction they will move all?

Space has no direction nor it has sign posts, nor it has narrow lanes neither of those roads.

What explains the role gravity having to play? To bound the sun and planets with some invisible clay .

One day the star will die and so the planets can all fall, answer me when gravity gone. Where our earth will fall?

May be some black hole pulls the earth inside, but only after the dust of white dwarf falls on southern sky.

But you said it’s southern, it could be the northern end. The answer we don't know yet, we try to pretend.

Then after all the explanations, all said and everything done. We lose the rope of hope and we cling to some finite spot.

Sitting there between space and time. We inquire about the mind. The uncontrolled it rides, ill mannered always ready for new stride.

We try to watch but it slips in no time. I see you as I perceive but not in real light.
I have a concept that appears to be now present. But with the sun of tomorrow I fail in every attempt.

I don't lose the fire of my desire and I again ignite, till oil is in my lamp. And when I am short of oil, I wish I would have reconciled.

I wish I would have been wise and watched the time closer by.

It comes with one event and soon the event do past. And sooner I wonder the better I watch.
I built the house of dreams but alas it’s all but dream. Today it is in front of me and tomorrow it’s only in my mind.
What is the difference between past and dreams they all go as one stream?

As I watch both day and night my future and hope. Again after a matter of time they join the same flow.

And whatever I may say, I may think and I may act; every action of me is only in my mind.

And the results they bore are also the play of time, for seconds they are real and then they too get embedded in time…… somewhere in my mind.

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