Saturday, 26 February 2011

Killing Time!

Here when I ask every one.
What r u doing tell me friend?
Honest reply I hear from all.
Nothing just killing time that’s all.

Then I ask again, what you do?
I do things that makes me happy.
And I do feel somethings bad.
I try that only happiness I find.

I can’t keep sadness whole day.
Neither do I can paste the smile.
There are times when I lose all.
And searches why it’s my dear pal.

Do we struggle only to smile for a while?
Do we eat only to keep senses fill?
Do we laugh only to cry?
Do we live only to die?

No but there must be reasons more.
My mind is so feeble to explore.
What I can’t feel I deny.
And ignorant I born and ignorant I die.

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