Saturday, 12 February 2011

MY Song!!!

There are some moments when I say my mind
don't say a word and think none bad none right
My heart so feeble always does pity
For those the acts that are so vice
I stop my mind say you are no wise

Thee can't judge and evaluate
for what thee front is part of fable
The drama that thee hear
Just a dimension
And yonder far there many spectrum

The mind is what box of thoughts
Hither they come and hither they go
They not rest then none is sure so
The time is moving with different pace
some moving with wind, some with grace

The thing besides me lovely glad
and the same is foe when its your side
And stories I love may horify you
That grant you life pardon me death
So who I say good you say bad

The color of the rainbows
seven in the rain
but when it colors thee
they are infinite
which color lulls me same scorns you hard

The yellow of the sky
the blue of my scarf
the green of my dress
no more they charm
they all mix up mess up with red
And darkness I see
But I also see the light

The air rushing in now
gushing out fast
the spirit of dream is striking at last
And the potrait I made
Is fantastic and blessed
But it fades away in moonlight

But here then again the box
doing its job
I am the master but why I act like slave
The flight of my wings is uncontrolled

My little song is the only word
That will reach you in every corner
It won't be effected by the colors and rain
It wont make you mourn neither makes you sad
Its not good and its also not bad

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