Sunday, 13 February 2011

Dance of Spring!!!

The whitest of white and very bright
Today they are on heavenly ride
The breeze that tingles my nerves
Is the supremest of the flowery scent

The sun is hiding
engulfed in quilt of clouds
Oh! that lazy crouch
Wishes today not to come out

Well but the mind out of duty
Making him to struggle behind the quilt
but he is lazy to open his eyes
And convinces that staying in bed is wise

Oh! but whole nature has awaken
and out there is melodious music
Chirping of birds
Twinkling of peepal leaves

And as the drops fall from the cloud
They touch the land and excites
The aroma that in your nostrils
Aren't they worth more than quilt

Look through window
The spring is knocking
Out there she stands
Where is your reckoning

Come out and open all your doors
The gifts she bestows are loads of loads
Fill up your mind and fill your sensitivity
And peep through her to the dance of eternity

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