Saturday, 22 January 2011

Wisest are quietest.....

Who said humans are the most learned
Humans but the weakest souls
Humans slave to their needs
Know not to give but only to take
I was wandering between the trees
Talking to them what they thought about this
They were calm and they were serene
Standing all day, standing all night
gazing inwards towards the eternal light
nothing perturbs them and make them to strike
There holy figures always upright
Why humans think that they have best brain
That thinks nothing but only of its gain
How sinful acts and blunders are there
To think of human birth the only noblest thing
I say that learn from that sage tree
who has made its will forever free
No temptations are there to move from his place
sitting content ever at their grace
The wisdom to sages came sitting under them
Birds chirp and live on their branch
We cut them and take away all their fruits
And not for a single moment they regret
When at dawn you pass them by
They send their blessings in a silent way
Not even to show you that they care
But silently patiently seeing all the flares
When lonely you wander under their shades
They keep you company with all their peace
They never make a point to realize
That they are the supremest and kindest of all
But then I somehow got this notion
For I understood the language unspoken
The loveliest symbols of love and kindness
The wisest of all but always quietest

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