Saturday, 22 January 2011

Oh I am!

Oh I ask whom
Oh why this desire
Oh I explain whom
What does it inspire
Asked the rose
why it smells great even among thorns
Asked that tree
Why standing under the sun
I saw the rain
Why you keep coming down again
And inquired the wind
Why she don't rest at her home
And asked those birds
Why they sing all day long
And the mighty mountain
And the falling streams
Why you spring come
When one day you have to go
Why the moon comes with night
with all the foreign glow
Oh desire is a fire
Oh fire you lights
Oh you do only burn
I feel happy
I feel delight
I become miserable
I keep a lengthy fight
I am not my body
Always in some need
I am not my heart
That knows not to halt
And still I am here
And still I do breathe
But if I forget myself
I am still here under wreath
The charms of the nature
I do what I see
The charms of the desire
Are coiled like the creep
And hither the eagle
The eagle is in chain
And up if around there is space
Where the desire can never reach
Taketh me to there
Where I have no attachment no fear
Taketh me to there
Where I have no laughs no tear
Taketh me to there
Where I don't grudge with my mind
Taketh me to there
Where I am beyond what I think I am..........

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