Friday, 21 January 2011

Lovely golden chain...............

There is something stupid over my head
That thinks that it can reason out all under the sun
And even beyond the sun, up till the yonder stars
My head has ego that it can figure out all
And whenever I think I have controlled my head
The monkey of my head- leaps and bounds
I watch it and let it free
It jumps up and down and teases me
sometimes it laughs sometimes it shrieks
If it has been my will I have done it all
But the will is also yours so its not all
The half done the half realized
the half left the half complete
The head has ego and heart has hope
Its like seeking freedom with the silk rope
The more I climb the more I fear
But if leave it I feel miserable and ripped
I don't want misery and I don't like fears
I will climb all my joys and tears
And where the journey leads me ahead
But what to do about the monkey dancing on my head?
I can't say shut up and carry on
Monkey has been my friend of my joys and sorrows
But it is now also giving me pain
everything I say to calm it, is all in vain
It dances and says see there is a lovely fruit
I am not amused but it never lets me loose
It tries to charm me with all the good things
but in that laughters I see bad dreams
I want to break- break away from all hopes
The hopes all in all dupes me of momentarily streams
And then I find that I am lost in deserts
Drenched but thirsty,
happy but fusty
It promises me everything lovely
but everything that is lovely is still a strain
I want freedom and not a golden chain

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