Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The whole idea is of recognition..........

You might be thinking that, what is this, I am choosing as the title for my blog article. It is something just came in my mind after observing people near, and around and even far who are in contact through new tools of technology that are extension of our telepathy.
what is human being craving for?

During the past, I mean long and lengthy past, when we were inhabiting caves were worried of our survival; Days and night we struggled for food, shelter and basic requirements of life. Fear of death was prime as there were other species, in face to face competition with us. Then our most powerful tool "mind" worked and now humans are at prime position with security about basic needs, to be fulfilled almost by default (Though my statement might not be true for some people still).

Now our "mind" after being secured of the basal needs, wants his another needs to be accomplished too, and that is where "recognition" creeps in. We often hear people saying I want to do something different, something extraordinary in life though the degree of desire may vary from person to person. It also depends on which field one may want his mark to be made, and consciously and unconsciously we weave our plans accordingly.

It is interesting to watch, when some people immediately speak on the topic, they might know very little about it. Why? To show their presence.. and more interesting when we seek appreciation from others whenever we do something. And from child to old, from rich to poor, every one is in dire need of recognition. And still there are some people who anonymously or by different names try to achieve this purpose. The idea behind, may not be fame and being appreciated by others, but many times it is for self-recognition too. How badly we need to know even our own worth.....?
This is human psyche and as I observe I understand more twists and turns .....and the whole idea about the "recognition"...............

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