Friday, 14 May 2010

Foreign education on Indian Soil...

Indian government is considering that higher education needs to be improved in India and hence will welcome Foreign educational Institutions on Indian soil to bring their knowledge here to Indians.
There is vast debate on this. However, it is right that it will generate job facilities for many candidates who wish for academics as profession. It will give competition to the present Indian universities to improve their standards. It will make more students to go for higher studies in India itself, just retaining Indian minds. These is one side of the coin.
The other side speaks another story. With the advent of these institutions, the present educational setup will be diluted, it will be like too many brands in Indian market, much like, Pepe, Lee, Levis, Numero Uno....then will be Harvard, Oxford,Cambridge etc.. vis a vis Indian brands. And in India brand sells. Moreover these foreign brands will attract the best talent with best salaries and hence may result in the dilution of Indian Universities. Another point is that how can we say that these universities are rightly suited for Indian environment or they will bring best of the world to India?
Won't it will be like that it is more or less like the business? That's why I prefer to call it FUI (Foreign Universities Investment) just in lines of FII (Foreign Institutional Investment). The basic point of the education is to enlighten the mind of the youth and not chain it. And this kind of education will generate more of manpower to fit in demand of the good Industries, labs, etc. Will these look into the domestic problems faced in India, and educate the youth about their culture, their unique requirements that are specific to their own country only?
Beside one more point I would like to specify, that the tree whose roots are weak can't prosperous for long. Rather than spending so much in higher education only government should do something about primary and secondary education too, which is under privileged and underestimated. There is still great need to work on that area before jumping into deep waters. Primary need is to prepare the child who wishes to become gentle-man or gentle-woman. And looking at our ill-equipped infrastructure, government should try first grooming minds at early stages and simultaneously improve the standards of higher education in its universities.Government should have faith in it's setup and let them breathe and not die because of choking. The situation will repeat the situation, when government PSU's, handicraft and cottage industries died because of haphazard planning. Change is always welcome, but before the change you have to prepare the society to feel and enjoy the change.

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mohan said...

You have already summarised all aspects. Therefore thinking doing it or not, what is more relevant is how we do it successfully, so that we can benefit from it.