Sunday, 23 May 2010

Intensive thinking!

People who know me well know that I am a thinker, and even sometimes they excuse me of getting lost somewhere else, when I am in their company, which they might not like but I can't help it. Who are like me or who understands me well, will approve my behavior rest will get annoyed and fussy too. So if I talk of thinking then this is what i think............

Why is that only human beings can think?
Do animals can also imagine and think the way we do?

If I start answering then I will say yes they do think. Whenever I go home, dolly (my pet)immediately stands near the door and waves tail until I pick her up. It means that she imagines too that I should pick her, and then when I pick her she becomes calm and after some time when I place her down she sneaks to her favorite place and once I make my self easy she crawls and sits besides my feet.
Nobody taught her to do this? She feels this way, so she planned this for her. And when in mood to play she will immediately run and then look behind that I am following her or not, if following she will run if not she will whirl around me in circles until I shoo her or follow her.

Many times I feel that when animals are just sitting silently after having their meals they are actually thinking, but what are they thinking no one can exactly understand. I see rats and mice in my animal house of my laboratory, they are often found in the silent mode sometimes as if some philosopher is generating a new idea. They look so intense at that time I fear to disturb their preoccupations.

Again questions arise...
Do they too think like humans about the dreams, about the things they want to have, and also about the frustrations and boredom?
Again I dare to say yes...... Why i don't know but I felt it sometimes while watching them.

Well if you look for answers in web, you will find hundreds and thousands of literature on experimental studies done on chimpanzees but however, I feel that there is some thinking and some aspirations in other animals too, though it may not be as intensive as ours..........................

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