Saturday, 23 January 2010

When are you happy?

Who are the people who are happy..
Do the riches make one happy
Do it is name and fame
No it is little satisfaction in your heart
That makes you happiest of all..
That make your world turn around
It is that there are some people around
It is the compassion and the love for humanity
It is the courage that you helped the one in fear
It is the deed that wiped someone's tear
It is not new pair of shoes nor new dress
That money would have instead bought two's fill
What the lavish lifestyle can buy
A moment of excitement and then its all gone
If instead you've shared moments with people you love
They might bring happiness when you are alone
If you made a weeping heart smile
Then its not only for that while
When in your heart here is no difference for people
When resources are only means
And you are not slave of any habbit
But do things at your will.......
When you are master of your desires
And pilot of your dreams..
When at night you close your eyes
You have no repentence
And you heart is pure from all evil..
When you know who you are...
You are happiest of all..................

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