Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Giver or taker?

There are always sometimes when you are tempted to ask that what you got from this life. You become so self pitied that why so? Why you are not treated the way you treat people? I had heard that do unto others what you want others to do to you. You will now say that you almost do the same. I see and I understand that you go where people need you but then I notice that you do not get same things in return. This makes you sad. But if you give little thought that these are all your expectations that come in your way. Do you help others because in return you want favor from them? Is it that what you wished for? NO, but instead you feel happy when you can do something. You are happy when you do good things, but the only problem is when you take notice of what you are doing and how you are getting. Somebody said that when you give someone then give in a way that if your right hand is giving then even your left hand should not notice what you are doing. This is the real help. You feel happy this way, that is the only reason you are like this. If you do not believe me then next time when someone comes for your help refuse the other person you will feel far sadder than if you would have helped other person. Try it. But let me make you aware of one thing. Help only those people who cannot help themselves, otherwise you are either wasting your precious energy or simply being used by other peoples.

You should be so flexible that you can help anyone without thinking of what benefits you can get from it. Rather help for common good should be the motto. But you should be as strong as diamond that no one can play with your emotions. You should know how to strike the balance.

Life is beautiful and it as all your imagination. It is all made of your choices; it is up to you that what you want to do with it. You want to be a giver or taker......It's your choice....It is what makes you happy............

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