Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Shinnig star......

Some momments as they are
they are created to remain as far
as far the mind can strech them afar
and beyond still at the greatest par
silently weaved those momments of memmories
walking slowly beside you all the time
you don't pay attention you are distracted
they remain like this forever and ever
they bring the smile and a little joy
that makes you look mad and divine
beyond the mind they occupy something
and you may else be preouccupied
a little sorrow that stirs within you
that feels as if it is your deepest part
you sherk n jerk and still cannot resolve
it lying hidden and comes out once in all
the mystery the chemistry it keeps in action
it dances and at once goes to halt
it jolts and then bolts and suddenly shuts
and rising high it brings you to life
it makes you alive it keeps you dead
you solve and it is more puzzled
and become preverse afterall
and still it feels as if all right
dark lanes and gloomy it shadows the hopes
but it is the only your shining star

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