Friday, 21 August 2009

No limits!

Well it appears that here there is the reference of world- like a stage and we are just actors ( Hmm Shakespeare). No this is not so that we are only playing our parts, we are living our parts. In Hindu philosophy itself, they are so many sects. Some believe in God and some do not, they believe in nature and worship it as God. In ancient Indian literature, it was only nature that was worshiped, and there were no Gods, or semi-gods. It was nature that was called Indra, Varuna, Surya and worshiped as God, and then slowly as the tribes increased, division between them widened, then came out new Gods and new Devis that became more popular and so the hierachy of caste system. Religion became tool fro the ruler of the kingdom. Preistly class and khashtriya class ruled, and the Shudra at the lowest rung among four was exploited.

Ancient Indian faith was "Sanatan" that means "for all" the citizens of world. But Sanatan Dharam of today has become more religious rather than spiritual. Swami Vivekananda, the Great Indian Saint was atheist, but he was spiritual, he was rational, and he always asked the youth to be logical rather than follow the faith that is old and worn. A young mind should inquire, introspect, search, meditate, think and ask and ask but should believe only what he can prove and not something self-explanatory lengthy illogical thoughts. One more thing I would like to specify here, if we search for the route of science, then it is philosophy that initiated man to think and thus science came into being.It was inquiry, " who am I? Why I am here?, Why things are like this?, that man started searching. It is not that Scientists become Philosophical, I think that a Philosopher is scientist and vice versa. And by just putting everything to a limit called God, is like denying the potential of human mind. The things which mankind know now were not known centuries before, we never know that centuries after where the mankind will take this inquiry. SO stop not, and use your mind to the real potentials it can realize, no limits.......

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