Thursday, 20 August 2009


The sound of the rain
The sight of the drops
Bubbles playing on water surface
Cup of tea slips through the lips
That smells of basil and cardamom...

Watching through my door
The drops falling on floor
I woke up after the noon's nap
And found everything wet and fresh
And I felt some urge in me.....

Now see that beautiful periwinkle
Petals like snow, wet with drops
Branches are falling with heaviness
Waving as if it dances hip-hop.....

As I watch the bubbles on the floor
I see patterns formed and lost
Within a second transforming
Now it's water, now its drop!

I can hear sparrow, parrot and crow
Shouting from invisible bough
And I can see up above the sky
The shower falling down from high....

Mesmerizing cool breeze on my face
I can sense the chill on my skin
I amuse and wonder and jumble these words
To let out my true feeling!

I am typing and deleting these words
I am happier than I can write
How I am going to convey my emotions?
I found that words are so small as thing!

And still I do it every time
I write down words in thousand lines
They come and took over me
And this makes me loose sense of time!

I feel a transformation taking place
Now it's me and now its words
I don't know but I understand
They come like magic from yonderland!

I let them come and I welcome!
They surround and took over my mind
I am not numb but I am now dumb
Though my heart was singing divine..

Every sound transformed into music
And every activity became a dance
Now my hands, my mind are not doing
They are following natural rhythm!

I find myself often in this trance
It is then that I feel transformed
Then the barriers melt away
And I convey my heart in my words!

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