Friday, 1 May 2009

It is still Dark but my Light flitters!

Night after night shadows go lengthy

Thoughts get crowded and air gets misty

Filling the mind and emptying the soul

I tire each time and loose control

Question I ask and answer I seek

But nothing gonna touch you makes me go freak

I press my desire and knock at your door

When get no reply I do it more

I am persistent and so is you

Nothing ever changed the things are always so

Gloomy dark buidings lay at my vision

And consistently I move down this division

I am going and you take your luck

I am leaving only to come back

The day is locked and my hands shiver

It is still dark but my light flitters!!


Wandering Soul said...

after reading d one above this, tis one luks a bit gloomy..
bt considering d one above came after this one, its a good change...

u remind me of an old pain....
common, lil known, lying jst around d corner....

vishaw vashisht said...

Hi Wandering Soul, I am sorry if I reminded you of some pain.........but though the poem was gloomy and dark it showed one thing te person in the poem was full of hope, and that is what is important in liiiiife never ever to give away hope.............