Sunday, 3 May 2009

Oh Its Sunday!

Oh its Sunday!
It sounds like the show of Farhan Akhtar Oh its Friday!....but na this is not any celebrity chat show this is between you and me. My point of giving the exclamation to this particular day is to highlight the importance of this day. Why this day holds important to many of us, ( I will explain why many and why not all, later) because it is the day we can be what we are. Free of any commitments of going for work, getting up early and mechanically doing the other chores.

To me sunday is like a bliss. Getting up late, and even after that still in bed wondering and amusing wow what a day! So no plans I simply follow my heart on this day. So today is sunday again.... I am very happy of the fact that I never wait for things to come to me, I go and fetch what I want, this is because I love myself so so much.... but please not obsessed . And you know today, the sunday at my place is very beautiful. I am sitting at my balcony writing this post, got up just an hour before, I see all cloudy and little bit of blue sky peeping out. It is rather cool today after a week full of scorching sun. The birds are today in mood (like me) singing and I can feel that today everything is happy and gay. Hmm! I feel as if I am little Alice sleeping in the lap of my sister and dreaming ah! day dreaming.

Right in front of my balcony is a eucalyptus that is standing tall and handsome, its trunk has been dressed in light brown pants washed and tidy ( bark has been shed from it) and green tees. Umm! it looks so happy and is opening its arms and dancing. Then I can see one Hibiscus plant; Ah the beautiful green again and the bright red flowers, what a contrast! it seems everything is amazing today. I am smelling the rain though it has not shed a drop but more than that I am smelling the coconut oil on my hair , mixed fragrances. And to my right side of balcony is a fern that has grown so symmetrically that I wonder what a nature can do without tools.

At times I still hear the noice of the automobiles on the road and have sympathy for the people who are not as blessed as me to enjoy this day. Even my younger sister has her entrance exam today. And there are people who work on sunday too, their work demands this from them, or their desires and dreams. This reminds me of the song, " Sapno se Bhare Naina, na neend hain na Chaina".

But my song today is different it is, " Awaraa Bhanware jo hole hole gayye" and of course sapne yahan bhi hain so " Dil hai chota sa Choti si aasha, masti bhare man ki bholi si aasha, chand taaron ko shoone ki aasha, aasmano me udne ki aasha"

And as i finish this it has started raining....................................

Drops oh tiny drops

Thee touch on my face

Thee fall from high

And full of grace.....................................................

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