Sunday, 12 April 2009

Give me my dream!

Sixty two years before we were dreaming of free India... when the oppressors will leave our country and we will be free to rule and live with equal opportunities.

The dawn of democracy came up and enlightened the spirit of beautiful, enchanting, rewarding and new life. The land of saints, the land of philosophers, the land of warriors, the land the living heaven was free from the drudges. And the whole world looked with suspicion that what can INDIA do by herself, but thanks to the farsightedness of our leaders that INDIA not only did better but also made the mark in the world. TODAY WE INDIANS CAN PROUDLY SAY THAT WE ARE INDIANS, no more humiliations as were suffered by our grandparents.

WE are free. We enjoy all the fruits of modernity. Wear branded clothes, eat branded food. Travel in ac cars, have malls at every nooker. But this is the one side of the story the fairy tale appearing so charming and beautiful.

The other side is dark and only realized by people who are in pits.For us in dark, there is no difference that a white is in the parliament or brown. The only difference now is that people white clad from head to toe come and fold their hands every five years and the tongues sweeter than honey shower promises of eternity........

No white man in jeeps come and take away our farm produce but now we ourselves go and give our lands and silently in nights when our beloved one are sleeping we hang ourselves to never ending sleep.

Its not like yesterday that when we fell sick no doctor for us, we have now doctors (thanks to education system) but when we return from them we find our organs missing. We do not have to think that we will be duped, we are duped now without being realized.

It is not like yesterday that our young daughters being asked for wedding by old Lalas in return of getting rid of all the our karza's, we send our daughters in school and find them either murdered or eloped to foreign locations. Even our young boys are not safe, either they are killed or they are killing others.

Yesterdays what ever may happen, GANGA-YAMMUNA were always pure and now we talk of cleaning GANGA-YAMMUNA.

Look at the heavy prize we have to pay after the realization of our dreams, it makes us doubtful that where our dreams can take us and we are afraid to dream.... WE dreamt yesterday and look today we have lost our vision.

With this I the COMMON MAN the most acclaimed and talked about asks all the visionaries give me back my vision and my dream. Do not give me false promises, the fake the hollow speeches that speak of nothing but your mutual vendetta. It serves no purpose to make anything great in my life. I am not communal, you portray me so, I am not regional you think of me so. From KASHMIR to KANYA KUMARI, from GUJRAT to ARUNANCHAL PRADESH, I am the same. I am the one with HUMAN SOUL, and I demand nothing but honesty in your dealings, the truth in your deeds and vision in your eyes, that give me courage to DREAM again!

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