Saturday, 11 April 2009

Simple Things!

Hello to all........

This is quite different for me today. As I write mostly in the evenings, this time it is the morning though not early enough. Well it is Saturday and today is holiday officially. So got up late and first thing I did is got connected to this world by opening my eyes and then to this web world by starting my system.

Hmm....two worlds, real and virtual............
One is created naturally reasons still not clear, causes still absurd and every one lives in myth called life........ which is simple but complex at the same time. I chuckle.........
The other world is the creation of mind the beautiful, exotic, and best of minds HUMAN MIND... And cause and reason are clear, though it is too, simple and complex at the same time. This thing varies with the interest and capability of the individual.

Well I have read that some people have written a lot about the mind power, they say that what ever you think in mind can be created in the real world, so you create the things that come in your life, either it is good or bad. These people speak of creation by adjusting the particles, subparticles around you, shaping them in the form similar to your desires and materializing your dreams. I think even you might have gone through such literatures. Those people speak that people who are pessimist they attract bad things because they are always preoccupied by their fears and thus what they imagine they receive. And optimistic people turn up getting good things. As these people create good things in mind.
Well I interpret these things like this, that it is also the faith power that how much you believe in you, your capabilities, about the future, about the happiness, if you are a kind of person who believes that things I want are things I need and silently keep working on your dreams and desires no matter how many mountains you need to climb, how many pits you need to cross, you believe that you need you carry on, and this is what you get in the end according to your need, your cravings, your desires.

Desires are wild horses, they are needed to be tamed then only they can serve the meaningful functions. And desires are simple and they come so simply, and take your life to new horizons in new ways. And all things that are simple are beautiful, are great like mercy, hope, faith, freedom, justice, honor, love,duty.

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