Sunday, 15 March 2009

Season Of Change!!!!!

So the Season is changing. We all are expecting a new, vibrant and meaningful change in our lives. Our leaders are torch-bearers, are all set. They are sorry for their wrong doings and want to repent. Only way to get them clear from their sins is to vote them and give them the chance to serve you. Why? , why you are perplexed when I write this? Am I wrong? NO, No not at all, ask yourself that is what is happening.

"Election" is one of the season in India eventually different and striking from many seasons experienced by this mystic land.And know after five years the season is back with its full vibrant colours. The scenario in country is such that we can see occasional species in extra excited mode. How quickly people are becoming good from bad , they want to serve people in a day and are dying to do something. So quickly, the urge to do something for their country is becoming so strong that they cannot control themselves and hence are moving pillar to post to get the ticket to parliament. They are so desperate that there desperations are written all over there faces and within few days they have become so polite to "AAM AADMI" and harsh to the enemies of the nation...and according to them the biggest enemies are the "DOOSRI PARTY WAALE". They are at once in a mood to eliminate all bad. Ram's vijay over Raavan.....they have become so sensitive to poor and their vulnerable condition's; only if they could do something, of course they can ,only if they win..... so they are begging at your feet, please vote them to power, use your vote wisely,... give them power and then forget.

So, now you ask me, why forget, because this is the best you can do until next season approaches.Now since they have obtained the power they are no more your servants, that is the thing of past, now they are all mighty and you are their subjects. Respect and worship the King, King is God, and I know that is what you politely do since you have been doing this from time immemorial. Nothing new for you.

Now you ask me what about the manifestos and promises they made? Ok I tell you, they were to woo you and since you have been wooed, they automatically lost their significance. Since they are concerned for you but it cannot be implicated because they have to save the government, "coalition dharma" else they will loose majority, understand them and forgive them. And however if they risk then opposition will play against them. Only if topic is quite significant and has international significance they can risk as they have means to horse trading. After all we want to show world we are united.

So all is set for the change not so new...................

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