Sunday, 1 February 2009

Truth of Science!!!!

"There are two kind of truths, Shallow Truth and Deep truth and the function of Science is to eliminate the deep truth." Neil. A. Bohr

When I first read this quote, I did not understood this. It was quite contrary to what Scientific approach means, that is, to find the truth. Why the scientist here talked about two truths? Truth is truth, what deep and shallow. Then one day I came across one more quote; Science can only reach the proximate truth and the perfect truth cannot be approached. I thought about the two quotes, they almost mean the same. What is the science? It is the daily observation, daily explanation and daily record of the events around and within us and as new theories arise old ones are discarded. And thus science is always evolving, as is life. So we can only be sure of the nearest thing and not the farther one. People say life ends at death, but this is not the case, new life arise from the old and the cycle goes on. Life appears in another form and may be in another dimensions. And such is with the Science. As we progress Science splits into many branches off shooting every time. With each advancement there is new feeling and the science keeps approaching the truth and then we find all things are one. Each thing is the manifestation of another, the same old law of Physics-"Nothing created nor destroyed, one form is only transformed to other". I question, what is new in science? I answer, that it is not new in creation but it is new in understanding. And you cannot study one subject without the other and then it appears science cannot survive in compartmentalization. It is refining of every day thinking and thus is never ending process. Like, the Mysterious of life and extra-terrestrial and other secrets are standing constantly, Science as a tool to unravel them is always there. This is the truth to that science has committed itself. I salute to the spirit of query and finding. I salute Science!!!! I salute Truth!!!


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