Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Some Thoughts!

Today I feel like writing something but I don't want to write on some topic but only what ever comes in my mind. As I have written some lines on the top of my blog, that life is about learning..... so each day we learn new things. Sometimes we get to know what is happening but again we behave as if we do not know. Every day we keep on repeating same thing and then think that we are bored. But it is not that we are bored with life but we are bored with ourselves. There is so much excitement and adventure around but somehow we become unresponsive to the excitement and thus feel bored. But the crux lies within us only and ultimate decision is ours whether we want to be happy or not. I do not believe that chances only come but I believe that chances are also created. Who creates them? We ourselves. It is yourself that you carry all the time and yourself that you show around and then things come back to you the way you send them. So be happy and confident what you send you will only receive. Today it appears that I am off my track of facts, but I am not, this is not mere philosophy but this is fact. You might have seen people who are always complaining and no matter what they achieve they remain so, and you never see them happy inspite of everything. And then you see people who may not get good things but are always happy and content, whatever storm may come in their life they never forget to smile. They might had wet their cheeks in silence but always showed the brave face and ultimately you see them succeeding in life despite of all difficulties. Why so? Because in all adversities they never forget to smile and life is all about brave men and women. People who live life by their choices and not on bets...........
Saluting the spirit of living!!!!

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