Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Man, Science And Society

Science is a revolution, it has always been on warfront with society. Science is the expansion of human understanding and society is the result of that understanding. But when ever science moves ahead there is lot of hue and cry, for example Science has been potrayed as the idea of Devil that works against God.
Why is there such preception about science?
Well I feel that curiosity is the factor that drives scientific discoveries and all curious things have been shrouded as mysterious and witch craft. Though science today has been able to through down that label, but still some of the consequences of scientific discoveries are frightening.
But know we have to give another thought whether that frightened idea is science itself or something else?
Ofcourse it is something else. Then what is that?
It is Man's Greed.
Though Man starts with curiosity but sooner or later he becomes self centered. He becomes so engulfed with himself that he forgets what he is doing and why he is doing. Science gives the understanding and a mean to apply and serve the society but man becomes the greedy and instead starts serving his ego; now it is not his curiosity but the ego that drives him and that is when Science becomes devil. We have seen the eyes of devil many times in history, as science progressed, along with it, accumulation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Now there is new race of biological weapons , the deadly viruses and bacteria and other microorganisms that can wipe the humanity in no time.
I dont believe in Devil and God as a being but certainly the Science as death is against the Nature. Nature the very element of life, Man is killing his abode. Who is going to satisfy his ego and make him little responsible about the society?
Man is the contraction of Society and Society is expansion of Man. Man cannot live without Society and Society cannot be formed without Man. But the same element that create a structure starts destroying it , then in the endwhat will be left. Surely there will be no Society no Man.

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