Friday, 28 December 2007

wrapping year

As this year is closing it is wrapping with it memories good and bad, and also taking along many moments with it. But still it cannot take away the memories that will linger on and the number of questions arised with those past moments.

With this words I am clearly indicating the situation of Pakistan, which was dreaming that in new year it will wake up with the dawn of democracy but the night is too long and bloody. Assassination of Ms. Benazir Bhuto is a night mare that has taken away the sleep from Pakistan. Pakistan is awake, wide awake but is under fear. Praying for the morning but fears, what the day light will bring with it ?

Now at this moment, everyone in World and Pakistan in particular is trying to find out where the situation will lead. It is not the matter of one region but humanity as a whole. When all the scriptures what ever you name condemn killing, then who are the people who commit such heinous crimes and how do they justify their cause?

This hype which is created right at this moment with her death, is the cover story of all the major news papers and news channels, but will fade with time. Then their will be another story, and then another. Before this also their were many stories but all lost in history, create waves when such instances happen again. What ever may be the story the crux is that the content is same. The message they impart is clear. And right now this lesson is sharp in everyones mind, but as the time passes it will heal the wound. But the scars left are to be taken as the symbols that something should be done as soon as possible otherwise humanity will be just a wounded lifeless Zombie.

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