Thursday, 20 December 2007

Multi / Uni Verse

In my last post I end up with multiverse. Now let me explain it little more, according the the Genius Einstein nothing can travel faster than light, in other words speed of light is limit of any motion. And I even read that he emphasized that universe is bound and totally discarded ether altogether.

Physics is built on the basic and rather wistful hypothesis that Mother Nature doesn't know much math. Remainders and constants are men's crumbs, not hers -- to a theoretical physicist, the Ten Commandments are too numerous by nine. By 1905, Newton's three were showing cracks under the scrutiny of stronger telescopes and better astronomy; the ether, an omnipresent invisible jello, was supposed to spackle Newton's world smooth again. To Einstein, the ether was just a remainder, and he got rid of it. Nothing can move faster than light, he said, and matter and energy are equivalent: E=mc2. (source: Breaking News, Analysis, Opinions, Multimedia and Blogs - TIME).

This is Einstein, he left a limit but still research is going on if their is any possibility of limitless universe. And if it is so then time is trapped somewhere and what ever we are doing at this point is recorded in multitudinousness of the (uni /multi) Verse. Lets see!

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