Sunday, 5 February 2012

Silent Winds!

Silent winds blowing all time, down from hills, they come entwined
Chillingly cool they pierce my skin, but I have developed a thought akin
Gazing around on blue sky, crystal drops are shining bright
Carving their way down from pearly white, colors dance in my eyes
As dances that twig with yellow and as I hear some chirpy sounds
I wrinkle my eyes to have a view, as if of some paranoiac mind
If this is apparent, nothing real and flies above that whitish affair
Bears no existence still all hues and all the infinite shapes are there
I am lost but I find else, for what in me is hole inscribed
I enter from the point and keep on moving in a line
And that abstractness is defining me how?
Ans still I manage to search around
And find meaning of things as I pound
I try to understand with my delusional mind of principles and theories infinite
My perception that changes day by day, I try to put all in a straight jacket
I move the light with the speed finite and again I put it in a packet
For I cannot imagine infinite, I put the halt as scriptures pine
I wipe those tears and I unfurl my mind
I get a shock between illusion- delusion
I oscillate like the pendulum clock
I see my reality also oscillating
And I see that Heisenberg's uncertainty measuring
I ponder far, still far and deep
I see nothing but blue sky and I close my eyes and take a sigh
I hear again those silent winds, rolling down from the hills
Chillingly cool, they splash on my face, the moisture carried out of ice
I open my eyes open and wide, and let those colors to dance in my eyes.

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