Monday, 9 January 2012

Some lanes.............

Only if this is the way
Only if I have to cover
I may not think and act
Only if its only way
curved lanes, sneaky paths
branch around from innumerable corners
which one is the tempting one
I might not miss the target
I saw the crosses that were not crossed
lay silent craving for smell of dust
and there were those tethered
everyone walking on them
stranded, shattered, crowded it moved
it goes that those are the easy ones
but why I don't see their point
and wish not follow some footsteps
the endless passions endless ways
I am not getting how people chose those ways
I am trying to put sense in every sense
I cant make up and get convinced
I stand observing from quite a distance
and wish to go on silent lanes
they were yelling now my name
and I went deep deep deep to them

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