Friday, 22 October 2010

My Exclusion Principle

Whenever I get stuck that I don’t know what to do. Then I always feel happy that atleast I know what not to do. Then when once I know that this is not my way I get other options. I try other ways, it is just like some exclusion principle to discard which is not applicable, and then my possibilities become aligned. Though the process requires great turmoil and that to mental, I always emerge clear, may be not in what I want but what I don’t want. So I simply get rid of unwanted things and retain only those that are wanted. Human life is shaped by his/her thought process. Think for your life and set your own goals. Your life is not anyone’s and it you who has to live your life and there are no exchange and switches in life. Living another’s life is like eating away your life. Compete with your own limitations and not with others achievements.

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