Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I want it!!!!!

How many times we say that we want this thing and that thing but somehow the situation get so out of control and we admit can't be...because of,,,this ...coz of that.........
But today something happened and I realized that hoe easily we give up without trying...The incidence is not any heroic deed of mine that I am boasting, it is a simple thing how I respect what I desire to have.
I was not in a mood to have lunch in my institutions canteen rather than my hostel mess, actually I like curry chawal a lot and its Wednesday's menu. So I had decided in the morning to have my lunch at hostel only. At around 12:55 I sat down at my desk to write some little piece of write up. I thought I could finish in 5- 10 minutes and rush for hostel. It was about to rain and I ignored the fact and continued writing. Then around 1:20 i finished it up and stood up to rush for hostel. As my friend and I approached the entrance of the building we found that it was raining. It was raining swiftly and we had to go by two wheeler. We even thought of borrowing the umbrella from someone so that we could get through the rain. But as very few people expected of rain majority didn't have umbrella and those who had needed for them. She dropped the idea and thought of having lunch at canteen only, but I couldn't curb my craving for curry, I rushed upstairs to fetch lab coat to cover myself but luckily found wind-shirt. I took my two wheeler and rushed all the way through rain which now was falling even more intensely. Finally i reached my hostel, I went to the room, changed clothes and went to mess, had my lunch...The curry .....And while having my lunch .............thought came that we do what we really desire, rest are lame excuses of our lesser or half intentions.............
And by the time I finished, rain stopped and came back to the lab.

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