Saturday, 4 July 2009

My attitude is my life!!!!

Attitude is what shows persons character. And character is what reflects the inner strength. Loose anything in this world but not your character for character is your identity and that is what makes you different from others.

In today's fast moving world, people look for things for their convenience. People today has become more self-centered. They want all things but not responsibilities, but they do not understand that true meaning of growing up is in taking responsibilities. And character is not built in freaking away but when you work for things.

Too much practical attitude towards life take the charm out of the life. You can't develop deep and intimate relationships, on the other hand to much sentiments can melt away the meaning of life. One should know how to strike the balance.

People nowadays take a quite casual approach about their character for smartness, money, power are the things that now people want. Character is the thing of the past and loosing their morals on petty allurements is common these days. And one who stick to morals are losers. But in the end you do not have to answer anyone but yourself. So do what ever you feel like doing but if you can face the trials of your soul you are surely the man or woman of character, of substance.

Your attitude is your life and there is only one life and in this one life we have to do all what we aspire to do, so delaying and shunning is not the solution but to take them with responsibility and understanding the practical approach and let your heart lay bare its emotions when the time is right. And infact every one knows when the clock has struck correctly.

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