Tuesday, 23 June 2009

I live today as if I am going to die tomorrow!!!!!

“What satisfies a man?” This is a kind of intriguing question. As everyone has a quite different kind of perception to this regard. Some are satisfied by so little, some by little more and some are never satisfied throughout their lives. The last category of people always keep in search of things that satisfy them, in the process they fall for many things, they go to many places, they try to taste all foods, try all cultures, every day make new relationships break them and again go for newer ones, newer ideas, newer ways but alas no peace for these frustrated souls, who may appear lively and full of life but in reality are dampened inside.

Then let us talk about the other category of people, they are easy to go, easy to live with, with no special dreams and desires, they behave ideal children, ideal parents, ideal citizens, ideal employees, ideal spouses. They do not want the thrill in life, they are weak and timid and happy that things are going smooth and everyone agrees. They are afraid and always cautious that no one should ever move their cheese. They like the things the way they are. They do not want the extra effort to achieve something more than ordinary. They become habitual of what they are groomed at, or they are made to obey. These people are meek, know no adventure, there world starts and finish around few things, few people, few places and ends within and around them.

Now it is the turn of the people in the middle path. Hmm these people take thrill out of life. They know what they want, when they want, who are the people they should be with, when and why. They have dreams they have desires, they have will not only to think new but to stick to the their thoughts and march on until they are fruitful. They are satisfied with their lives, make their future, they are stable, they take things and challenges hand on hand and face to face, ya one to one and lo they are satisfied with their relationships, with the people in their lives. If they dare to desire they dare to achieve also.

People of first kind die unsatisfied, how much rich they may become, how many medals they might have to their names but there is some emptiness that engulfs them at their deathbed and they think that, may be death provides them peace.

Second category die thinking that oh! The turmoil’s of life has ended, duty has been fulfilled, I have been good to all, now I rest in peace but only if I would have enjoyed my life little bit.

Third category of people when die they think that I have lived my life according to me, I achieved or at least tried for what I believed and I had satisfying life, I have no regrets, I am complacent, I am at peace.

And I want to die like third category of people. I may die tomorrow but my today should be so satisfying that I do not repent whenever the death embraces me in his arms. So I say what I believe, I do what I feel. For tomorrow never comes. I live my today to the fullest and happiest.

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