Saturday, 6 June 2009

Who is afraid?

It is not easy, this is not going to happen. Oh it is not happening, it is not ,it is not and how many nots. Before you start you are engulfed with doubts, shall I, shall I not.

One day I was asked by someone, "Do you know exactly what you want in life?" I was not pretty sure of the answer because to say what exactly you want becomes confusing sometimes but of one thing every one is clear, what is that one do not and never want. So I replied, "I may not know exactly what I want but I know exactly what I donot want, and this gives shape to my path and helps me to move and go on".

People often complain life is not smooth , no cake walk it is challenge, it is the adventure that lures and is like the Le Belle Dame Sans Mercy..................and might deceive you.

Ah ha, without you have known of a thing how can you say that it is so. What hesitation, it is like the mountain of imagination on your path to success, and since imagined it is not real. I love one beautiful quote that says something like this that we always fear that our hopes may dupe us, but it can be other wise too, our fears may decieve us too. It is all probability and chances are same. So take chances.... and look in the eyes of your fears and say, " Who is afraid?"

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