Saturday, 13 June 2009

What is absolute?

Absolute, it is a kind of totally antagonist to the idea of finite. Absolute also means one in itself. This is a deep philosophical concept and is quite debatable.

There has been long debates regarding the nature of space and time and its absoulte nature. Einstein reported that even time is not absolute, it depends on the preception of one person to the other. What may appear one to you may be two for others, what is right to you may be wrong to others.

What is time? How it is calculated?
Time if we define is interval between two events and its measurement is what lies between those two events. And how long that interval can be depends upon those two events. And again those events can be different for others as it depends upon the frame of the reference at which observer is located.

So where is the logic? Nothing is absolute it all depends upon what and how you precieve. Life is not absolute, and what you see in this world is also not absolute and same for all. The world appears different to all. For a healthy and happy person world is beautiful and a depressed and sick person world is hell. A blind see no colours in world, deaf hears no sound, for him there is no music in this world, these both live in world of there own, with their own parametes, defined- undefined. In reality we assume life the way we think, we feel life the way we feel, we live life the way we are comfortable. We take responsibilities, because we believe in ourselves, we walk away from responsibilities because we think that we don't believe that we are able to fulfill them.

World is the extention of ourselves. It is then extention of our body, our mind, our soul and our thoughts. So world is not absolute as a whole, but life is absolute you........................................

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