Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Why we count on religion?

One particular question that always impinges in my mind, that why human society is divided into number of religions. Well when I studied the evolution of human society I got some answers like, earlier humans were secluded from each other in different regions. People at particular region gave rise to particular civilization and their methods became common. And with more advancement when these different civilizations happen to learn about each other then either they adopted each others values, or happened what is famously known as clash of civilizations.

But if one studies Darwinism, the principle of survival of the fittest comes into the picture. And in case of humans this is intra species that is within the species. Whereas evolution replaced one species with the other new, where this clash of civilization will lead, as man is killing man... so no question of evolving but mutual and self destruction.

So my point is to highlight that what we are doing today on the name of religion and racism is all adverse to the natural evolution of the man as a species, instead man should work in harmony, for law of nature do not change with their religion, their faith or race but what human beings do as a whole.

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