Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Who am I?

One practical for you, try it earnestly....
Sit down in the posture of meditation and ask your self who you are?
Get to what your mind says to you listen to it....... and then stop thinking any thing.
Now say you go back when you were a small kid in arms of your parents.. Now ask who am I? Listen, do not think only watch and listen.
Now say you are going first time to school and then studying... see the that you are sharing your eatables with your classmates, you are playing with them. You are advancing grade by grade growing learning, laughing, crying.
Now you are in college. .. the studies, the competitions, the exams, games etc
Now you are adult, working, having family... you got married.
Now you have family, and no of responsibilities, tension of work, tension of family,,, future of kids.. your investments , your bills.
Now you are old, retired, at peace in your heart... you often visit your grand children see them playing, eating, fighting...etc
now you are on death bed, you are counting your last minutes.... you are seeing all your loved ones last time...worrying where I will end.... and you dies..
keep your eyes still close and evaluate what ever stages of life you entered it was you and only you... have you changed for you, your thoughts, your eating habits, your life styles and even name, or religion, anything can be changed... but you remain you only. The difference lies you have never seen you from your angle...only from the angle of world.........

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