Friday, 16 March 2012

Beautiful Distractions!

The path is all ahead me and I am ready to gear, all prepared to make my journey on
I have made luggage with things I need, made my mind to travel the milky ways
The euphoria excites my heart, amazed by the wonders seen along the road
I watch them perplexed and prayed the almighty, who painted avidly every corner of the land
The more I wonder more my heart thumps, I stay for a moment and then I have to leave
Some moment of loneliness when engulfs me all around, I sit with some flower and pour my heart; I lay under the tree telling my story
O tree! I am searching, O tree! I am travelling
At night when stars are shining I tell them my tales
And I sleep basking in moonlight weaving magical dreams
I get up and I find my pace has become slower, there are my desires I have now to carry and on my tiny shoulders I have added luggage of dreams
I sludge along the path and stop at every admiration
I am controlled by petty habits, and I give them my all in all
I still talk to flowers and trees and tell them about my story of travelling to some place
But day by day I see my increasing burden, my steps are now broken
I feel tired and I stopped by the river, there I found some hut to stop in there for while
I found that there was a big mound just behind, I dig and found a treasure and transformed the hut in mansion
And brought all beautiful flowers and shades of trees, I stayed there and thought that now I have my life
Years after years but my burden kept on building, making me stoop with dingy fainted memories
I went to the flowers, they recited one story; I closed my ears and went to lovely trees……
They too echoed the story of a journey, long started, but now lost ways and tracks and now I am here all alone with my dreams, I am here and with me are my beautiful distractions…..

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