Sunday, 2 January 2011

Find and Create Yourself

Life is not about finding yourself but creating yourself. I heard this, may be read it while surfing on the net. But we always begin the journey of creation by asking ourselves who am I? Why I am here? What is the purpose of my life?
As we get busy in our lives we lost the curiosity and get up in the business of social factory created by age old traditions and start the process of creating ourselves healthy, rich, happy, wealthy, author, doctor, police officer and so on and on, the different kind of jobs created by our society. With this also society is not content, you also have to marry and have children even if you fall in love or not, get the partner of your choice or not but you have to settle, it is your social obligation. You are created for this and you have to give back to the society what you have taken from it. Then when you get married, you have children and now it is your obligation to raise them and make them fit for the society as you were made by your parents and the cycle goes on and on. Then where the question of creating yourself, in fact the rules have already been set you only have to follow them. Marriage is very sacred not for pleasing the society but the mutual understanding of the partners who are together not by any obligations but love and respect for each other. When out of love it not obligation but out of love only. Love breeds love.
We have to do the assigned job which is not bad but we have to earn money, the currency which we have created out of the barter system, but without any benefits to the supreme provider of goods – ‘The Nature’. To educate youngsters we create institutions, where they learn many technical skills of the present day man but none to be human. One who clearly and objectively understands the barter system of the society, are stars and rests are wanderers of no use. And no one wants not to be useful for the society, so they become artists. They create mockery of the present system in their paintings, in their songs, in their music, in their thoughts, in their poems and useful people buy them, cherish them, hang them in their living rooms, and play it in their social get-togethers. At night they are reminded of the creation of own self and as they open their eyes in the morning they toil again to be the lion of the circus of life. They don’t remember that they have the roar, the courage to take the world on their own but instead choose to behave on the rule of stick.
The whole idea of currency sprung out of the greed of the man for power. The nature had for all, but the greed can never be satisfied. The law of ‘survival of the fittest’ changed to ‘survival of the greediest’ for it was the greediest that had the power. Then on Greed became the ‘Magic Mantra’ one who has the highest greed is the mightiest one. One with the highest greed for knowledge is the most intellectual, one with the highest greed for the resources is the lord, and one with the highest greed for the innovation is the inventor. But what is about the subtle nature which is out of love for knowledge, out of love for resources so that they are in abundance for all, out of love for innovation so that it benefits all. Though greed and love demand same things but love is patient but not greed, love is gentle not greed, greed is for man and love is for mankind.

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