Sunday, 1 August 2010

Electromagnetic body.....

Being a student of biophysics we are often taught that how EM waves can effect our body...thats why we should minimally use electronic gadgets and microwave in our todays life right from iPod to washing machine. And in my case all lab equipments, everything emits these radiations.

But this is when outer radiations effect us. We ourselves are made by same Electromagnetic interactions thats why electrodes can record our heart beat, our brain functions what we call ECG and EEG. We continuously emit these radiations 24 hrsX 7 days and through out life and when we die these radiations are emitted to the environment. In fact we live in the world whose all dimensions, all matter is made up of these interactions, the very same law E = Mc2 is reality of the physical world and our bodies are part of it. Like other objects our bodies are made up of same particles, so in sense we are no different than the heap of sand lying on ground...what makes the difference is the channeling of different forces and energies into some functions of which machines are quite efficient and our bodies are the most efficiently engineered machines of nature.

There is lot to be understood about the physical world the matter it consists of, and bodies of plants and animals, all the living entities are part of biology is no more the science of exceptions. I do not like when people say that it is exception ; I correct them and say that instead it is the isolation that makes it to be felt like that. Biology is science of life, the living example of the physical world we see around.

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mohan said...

Jyoti nice to go through thoughts. I do not have answer to all your queries hidden in these. I can only say let us keep learning and things will be resolved of their own.