Thursday, 13 August 2009

My Words

When it's my mind that feel no rest
I take this opportunity to let it
It is then new words emerge
And you wonder why I do this much

It's like a stimulus
It is some happiness;may be some pain
when I write down these words
I am bringing no refrain

It's just that my words are birds
That fly and reach for you
It's that these are the only thing
That make me to reach to you

My words are hope;My words are truth
And they will lay forever
Whatever may happen tomorrow
They will be keeping this glow

They will fly all the way
And look for you
They are immortal and so I never worry
When they are going to find you

As long as earth is around this sun
And stars are twinkling; moon is bright
My words will travel through the light
And brighten your dreams in the dark nights

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