Thursday, 23 July 2009

Light of Truth

It is reality that took me away from imagination
And then my spirit was set free
And I came to the light of truth

The truth I behold and it lingers on
The truth I was searching was always at my hold

I thought that life is all I dream
But when I opened my eyes I saw new world

People say there is some secret in love
I fell in love and and was lost

I lost myself and I lost all
In search of the secret at all cost

I wandered that path people don't dare
It was some magic or it was some flare

That blinded me and got my hold
I creeped and moved as if I am a sloth

I pained myself and I felt disdain
I could not understand where do I failed

And when as I was deep in gasping for breath
I heard a voice that kept me calling

I changed my course and opened my eyes
I realized I was chasing some despise

Oh I found the secret the secret of love
And the secret says that there is no secret

But only faith in love can bring happiness
Love is no dream love is no fantasy
Love is real than reality

I suffered because I was eluded by some fear
But I found the secret and the secret is you my dear

And then I came into terms with this love
And love laughed at me and I smiled back at love .......

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