Thursday, 1 November 2007

Warren Buffet wants to pay more tax

Warren Buffet(Sage of Omaha) stated to President Bush that the tax system of America is more inclined towards the rich than the middle- class. He further stated that he pays less tax than any of his employee and urged the U.S government to revise the tax system.
Well I am really impressed by his statement. World's second richest man, and the great investor and above that he proves to be honest enough to bring such kind of statements that are beneficial for his country. Really I salute him and hope that people instead of curbing wealth, channelize it such a way that it reaches where it is required most. This will find end to all the disparities and proper distribution of the resources of the earth to all her off springs. Well somebody has rightly said, live examples find more voice as they can be enhanced by every one, we only have to amplify them so that they serve the purpose. So take it as a good cause and then search, why we all appear to be so different? We are different because we close our apartments and lock the world outside. Come out of exile and enter into the world there is lots and lots to be done!

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