Monday, 29 October 2007

Hints of Self Culture

"Hints of Self Culture"
This is the title of the book written by Lala Har Dyal. He was the dedicated member of Gadar Party, with aim to free India from British rule.
The very title of my blog is attributed to his teachings. In this book he has laid out simple principles that a youth should follow to make their lives and lives of those who around them, fruitful and meaningful. He adviced the youth to have a rational mind and pragmatic view about life. Youth's mind should question and seek answers and not mechanically believe what others feed unto his mind.Same is said by Vivekananda, that youth should be fearless to enquire.
Here I am not writing a review of the book, but my idea is to tell you all, that this book is a must read for youth of today. With the fast moving world, everything seems to be gushing like wind and not with its nature. All can't be wind, only wind is wind, water is water and sky is sky. And man is man.
And man is the superior creature of the nature. This is all because of his brain, his logical box that can fortell him what is good and what is bad. But if all have brain then why some people suffer and others rule. This is because of the conditioning of your mind. Some people know no fear, because they do not hesitate to find what fears them, and in this process they master the fear, while others, those who are weak hearted simply let the circumstances to take them over and thus remain fearless because they are told, such an action is forbidden. Listen to your conscience you will get to know, what is allowed and what is forbidden, you do not need any person to tell you that what is good for you, you know that, but if only you think rationally.

Just be happy do not try to be happy........

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